Simply open the packaging, and place the treatment in your hive(s). Depending on climate and circumstance, you might need to make adjustments to allow proper airflow to distribute the medicine throughout the hive. Don’t get too worries, we send videos that explain exactly how to apply the supplies we send you. Plus you can always contact us, we are here to help!

We designed the Mite Fight regimen to allow beekeepers to only order what they need, when they need it. Just update us with how many hives you manage, and we will send you exactly what you need.

This being said, it’s best to keep any supplies and treatments in their shipping box, in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight, until you apply them to the hive.  You should not have to store supplies for longer than a week.

We send treatments that are already on the market and tested to be used by humans, on bees. That being said, it is important to follow all safety and PPE requirements for each treatment. We send you the original literature from the manufacturer, as well as our personal best practices in a video we send you with the box.

Varroa mites are parasites that feed off of the hemolymph and fat body tissues of the honeybee. This weakens their immune systems, leaving them vulnerable to diseases and viruses. One mite related virus is DWV or Deformed wing virus, which prevents honeybees from flying. When left untreated, Varroa mites will not only kill entire honeybee colonies, but expose nearby colonies to disease.

To add fuel to the smoker, many new beekeepers do not treat for mites, or do not treat properly. This can have deep cutting, and lasting effects on honeybees.

This is why we created Mite Fight – to solve this problem.

We curate the best products that are already approved for use with honeybees in order to arm beekeepers against the mite! We also send subscribers 3 treatments a year, allowing them to have the best chances against a Varroa infestation or Mite Bomb.

Due to the nature of a mite infestation, doing nothing carries substantially more risk and the cost implications are vast. Using Mite Fight boosts your hive’s chances of survival by 30% over letting nature take its course, and is many times easier to use.


If you purchased a one-time delivery of Mite Fight, you will be billed immediately for the number of treatments in your order.

If you purchased a Mite Fight subscription, you will be billed periodically throughout the year before we ship each dose of Mite Fight.

Yes! Head over to your My Account page and edit your subscription as needed. You can modify, add, or delete any existing subscriptions to meet your needs as your beekeeping situation evolves.

If you have any problems with your order at all – Contact Us!

Our support staff is standing by to help with any order issues, product quality assurance, or just general technical assistance to ensure the highest probability of successful Mite Fight treatments.

You can change or cancel your order provided we have not shipped your products. If we have already shipped your Mite Fight products, you are subject to our Return Policy.

We want to help! Contact us and let’s see what we can do.



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